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The Perfect Snack For All Occasions

We are obsessed with quality and perfection. Every batch we make is produced using the finest ingredients. Our all-natural popcorn snacks are completely GMO, artificial colors, additives, and trans-fat FREE.

Whether you are watching a movie, hanging out with friends, celebrating a birthday, hosting an awesome party, our popcorn combines both Great Taste and Quality that will bring people together.

We Have Passion For Snacking

We take candy seriously around here, and focus all of our efforts on producing sweet and salty treats for people to enjoy every day. We keep our finger on the pulse of what our consumers want: the legendary favorites they love and new flavors and products they desire. Our snack portfolio aims to give consumers tastier and healthier options to enjoy throughout their daily lives. 


Perfect product, Perfect taste, Unique packing, Highly recommended for all popcorn lovers

Ahmed Aboel Fotouh

Best popcorn ever tasted

Ahmed Shouman

I love it and I'm not a popcorn person but this is irresistible

Hassan Tabrizi

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